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Our Training Philosophy

"It's Just That Simple"

Understand what behaviors are important to your dog and learn to controll those behaviors.  


 Example: If your dog loves to rip apart his toys, he must stop when asked. So why would your dog, stop chewing his favorite bone?  Redirect him to drop it and look at you for a nice treat might work, or call him for a calming belly rub.  

Learning to communicate what you want your dog to do in relation to many normal daily activities in not rocket science.  You have to use K9 communication,  because he doesn't understand human communication.  He can learn to respond to our words only after he understands what we want him to do.

Terms like "Counter Conditioning", "Extinction", "Differential Reinforcement" can confuse just about anyone.  But rewarding your dog for the behaviors you want and disagreeing with those you don't, in a calm non threatening way brings about consistant desired change.


We also apply the same techniques over and over, in sightly different ways to make really fast progress. "Leave-it" means stop what you are doing and look at me. Leave-it can be used in endless situations.  Getting your dog to look at you is the single most important behavior you can work on.  If you dog is looking at you, they just don't get into any trouble.


Example: You are walking on a neighborhood path and a very excited dog is bearing down on you.  "Leave-it" and your dog looks to you, doesn't get overexcited by staring at the other dog and can continue on calmly. 


When your dog follows you and looks at you, you are building a relationship based on trust and respect.  

By applying these techniques we produce amazing results in a very short time, producing an amazing cost value.

Private K9 Communications Training Lessons For You and Your Dog

  • Fastest results are obtained when you work 1 on 1 with a trainer, concentrating on your goals. 
  • We train you and your dog when it fits your schedule.   Day - Evening - Weekends
  • You work on the skills or behaviors the are most important to you.
  • Our Family K9 Communication class is the perfect jump start for getting everyone on the same page!
  • You will even learn to communicate to your dog WITHOUT TALKING!

Together you will find out what is important to your dog and take control! We will look at the environment and situations that are causing you both the most stress. Then we will show you how to communicate with your dog and get FAST lasting results.

Schedule an Evaluation or Private Training Session Here


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