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Boarding & Training

Does your dog mope and get clingy when he sees you packing a suitcase? This no longer has to be an unhappy, guilt-ridden experience. When you go out of town, bring your dog to Pack Place K9 for a vacation of his own!


New Client Boarding

New Boarders Welcome 

4 outside walks included 

Add Extra Activities  -Agility - Treadmill -Daycamp - Training - One-One Playtime

Day Camp-  Requires New Member Program Add-on.    *Tempermant Evaluation Required


Day Camp Member Boarding

Existing Day Camp Members - $69 per night and Receive FREE Day Camp

Day Camp members must have attended day camp in the last 60 days. 

Pack Care + is available for $20. Pack Care + includes, Treadmill run and Agility/Obedience  session


Board and Train

Your pup stays with us, has a great time and returns calmer and with new learned skills, based on your goals.

This program produces amazing results with dogs needing basic obedience and behavior management.

Your dog will learn new basic obedience skills, run on a treadmill and participate in our day camp program including Group Play!

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