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240-277-2438  12623 M Wisteria Dr Germantown, MD 20874

Day Camp - Training - Boarding

Accepting New Day Camp Members

Our Golden Rule - "Reward Your Dog For Eye Contact and Calmness"


Pack Place K9 is a safe, convenient, affordable facility where your dog can have fun, learn and exercise. A unique health club type center with everything needed to keep your dog healthy both physically and mentally.

8000 sq.ft of climate controlled space complete with Day Camp, Grooming, Boarding, Group/Private Training, Agility Course, Treadmills, K9 Party Rental


By understanding what is important to your dog, we create an individual daily schedule that will bring positive changes to your dog and your life with your dog.  We routinely use treadmills, pack walks, agility training, swimming, obedience training, lots of fun and most importantly, limitless patience.  

Day Camp Offerings


We offer 3 levels of Day Camp to best meet your pups needs.

Our program of exercise, calm socialization and training create the foundation of a balanced dog.  Many behavior problems such as excessive barking, aggression, separation anxiety and other stress related problems will just disappear.


Pack Care Includes 2 outside walks and all day socialization.

Pack Care + includes an additional training walk,  15 minutes on the treadmill and an agility/obedience  training session you get to watch on our web cam. 

Pack Training Includes and additional training session with a senior staff member working on specific behavior goals.

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Located at Great Seneca Highway and Wisteria Dr. minutes from I270 in the Germantown Square Shopping Center

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