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See what some of our clients think of our service, the impact it has had on their dog and their ability to achieve their K9 goals.  All reviews taken from our Facebook and Yelp pages.


"Since attending Pack Place K9, Chip is no longer terrified of everything as he was when we first brought him home. Due to Mark's field trips with the dogs, Chip gained his confidence walking and riding in a vehicle. I've also learned how to manage Chip's high energy level. Mark had Chip on the treadmill within a few weeks. Each morning Chip would go to our basement get on the treadmill, and wait patiently while I made my coffee. I'd then go down, turn it on and read the paper and drink my coffee while Chip's getting great exercise.


Chip loves going to Pack Place K9. I feel so good leaving him there and not home alone, or with a dog walker that charges $15 for one 20 minute walk. Mark truly enjoys the dogs and they adore him. Every chance I get, I tell friends and acquaintances about Pack Place K9. I wouldn't leave Chip any other place!!"

- Mary Lee, Owner of Chip

The owner, Mark is so good with the dogs, It's obvious that he loves them, and feels a connection to them. I feel safe when I drop off my 6 month old furry energy ball that he will be well cared for. I have tried out different places, but there isn't anyplace I would use after finding Pack Place. Mark and the staff will take time and answer questions, and they are constantly working with and training the dogs. This place rocks!"

- Sarah, Owner of Navi


"Decided that after having tried unsuccessfully to teach our lab how to walk calmly and not pull on the leash, as if she was going to choke herself and pull me into a ditch, that we needed help! Luckily enough stumbled upon Pack Place K9's website and submitted email for more information. Mark has been so helpful. Pepper is now so much calmer on walks, no pulling or lunging. It is now a pleasure to walk her rather than a chore. Cannot recommend Mark highly enough for training and daycare. Pepper loves going for the day and comes home exhausted each time she goes. "

- Sophie, Owner of Pepper


"When we first brought our dog Sunny to Pack Place K9, he was pretty feral in terms of his behaviors. He is a rescue dog that was turned in as a stray and one adopted family took him back to rescue after having him just 17 days. He was on 24/7 prey alertness, never resting, surging on a leash, "mouthing" and biting, to name just a few behaviors, but it seemed to us that he just needed the right training, love and security to reach his full potential. After just 9 weeks of training with Mark and Pack Place K9, he is a vastly different dog who is much calmer, shows affection, is happy with much improved behaviors. We are glad we found Pack Place K9!"

-Trish, Owner of Sonny

"Our dog LOVES Pack Place! She's been going for almost two years now! Mark, the owner, and everyone else who works there are so great with dogs and they really take time to get to know them. They also offer helpful training techniques. It's more than just a daycare and our dog comes home tired every time she goes! Can't say enough good things about Pack Place!"

- Shannon, Owner of Dulci

"Mark and Pack Place K9 saved us and our relationship with our dog.   

Our family had recently adopted a rescue puppy from Kentucky.  Crosby is a nine month old basset mix.  He was a wonderful dog with the sweetest disposition....but, unfortunately, his enthusiasm and high spirits mixed with our "bad" dog ownership skills created a terrible situation.  Crosby was definitely the "top dog" in our house, feeling very comfortable counter-surfing for food, climbing on our furniture, dragging us all over the neighborhood on our walks, bolting out the door and running around the neighborhood, and relieving himself all over our house.   We were at the end of our rope and didn't know how to continue with Crosby.   We turned to Mark for help.

After a thorough review of our situation and a long walk with Crosby, Mark reassured us that he could help.   While we were on vacation Pack Place K9 "hosted" Crosby at their facility and initiated a thorough training regimen.   Rather than simply staying in a kennel, Crosby benefited from the daily "doggy camp" that Mark runs plus a lot of one-on-one special training.   Basically Mark and Pack Place K9 taught Crosby his role in the pack and how to be a good member of the pack.   All during our vacation, Mark would send us videos of Crosby's progress...exercising on the tread mill, walking calmly on the lease, walking calmly OFF THE LEASH, ignoring a juicy steak on the floor and walking around it to Mark.   We are amazed. 

Most importantly, when we returned Mark took the time to train our family on how to be better dog owners and how to help Crosby to continue to understand his place in our family, our pack.   So, far it has been smooth sailing.   We have more relaxed walks, Crosby comes when he is called, and most importantly no more "accidents" in the house.   We couldn't be more happy and relieved.   Pack Place K9 did a great job and helped us be better dog owners."

Tom, Owner of Crosby

"Mark and his staff are outstanding!  We are so happy with the results from their training with our dog!  Ours walks are now so pleasant! Our Wheaten Terrier gets so excited when we drop him off, he cannot wait to see his friends.  Now that our training sessions are over, Griffin will attend doggie daycare.  Thank you Pack Place K9!"

Jacqueline C., Owner Griffen


"I have been taking my dog to Pack Place K9 since 2013. Mark is very good at what he does. Mark takes time with each dog individually. He gets to know each dog and works with their strengths to provide training, exercise, and socialization. Mark and the staff at Pack Place K9 are sincere, conscientious and have true desire to care for your dog. My dog, Chance, loves going there. I highly recommend Pack Place K9."

Moriah, Owner Chance

"Pack Place is wonderful. I love the interaction Mark and the staff have with the dogs. They take time to correct behavior, exercise the dogs, and show affection. I would highly recommend. I have used other daycare/boarding facilities and Pack Place is a huge step above the rest."

Jenny, Owner of Roo

"I don't even know where to start. I am a first time dog owner, and I had no idea what I was getting into when  we took our German Shepard, Kira a year and half ago while we were posted in Africa , there she got a basic training ..But mostly she was free...back here we had to readjust to a townhouse with less space. And such a lot of rules like walking in leash...
. I knew that I was going to need help, and at our return this last summer, I search for a nice facility and tried several before my friend gave me the contact of Mark. After the first visit of orientation I felt that was best for me and my dog. 
Mark was very patient with me and very honest. He went above and beyond to make sure that all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. When Kira went to her first training session, I was beyond satisfied. They didn't treat me like a customer, but rather like a family member. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable, they are always willing to help in any way they can. They aren't a one and done company who just wants your money. They actually care about you and your dog(s). I have done 6 private training days, and I could see the improvement right away. Now Mark advice to go on normal training care with all the other dog, .She is quieter, learned not to jump off on people, and listened to the commands, she is doing such a lot of activities and spend a lot of energy that we are enjoying with her a lot 
I highly recommend this facility, especially if you want high quality training!!! Not only is my dog getting trained but I am too!! Great business/service is being done here!! Thank you Mark and all the trainers..."

Joelle, Owner Kira

"PackplaceK9 is a dog paradise!  The new facility is spacious and very clean.  Mark and his team give Magic exposure to all kinds of experiences, including swimming, walks in the park and treadmill training.  Magic eagerly waits at the door when she knows its "puppy school" time and trust me, she KNOWS "puppy school" days.  She is like a little kid going to a playdate!  

It's a win-win situation: She loves coming to the facility to see her friends and I feel confident that she will be well cared for by people who love dogs!  A dog walker who would spend 15 minutes walking Magic, would charge me approximately 1/2 of what I pay PackPlaceK9 for an entire day of training, multiple walks, socialization, and treadmill exercise!  At the end of a "puppy school" day, Magic is one happy dog.  Best of all, she is exhausted  and as we all know, a tired dog is a good dog!!  Mark and his staff are truly dog whisperers."

Sandy B, Owner of Magic

"When we rescued our dog Sunny, he was lovable but VERY hard to deal with. When I took the new dog assessment Mark has online at I literally checked every block about bad behaviors. With Mark and the Pack Place K9 staff's help, he is a happy and secure dog today. Sunny loves going to Pack Place. They know how to handle all dog types from the timid, to the unruly and all types in between. You can leave your dog and be secure that they will be treated well and have fun!"

Patricia, Owner of Sonny

"Dianna has been a pack member of PackPlaceK9 since she was 7 months old.   It was extremely important to me to make sure that I socialize Dianna properly.   Dianna was an energetic Rottweiler puppy that often needed behavioral correction and close supervision.   From an early age, I wanted her to be comfortable in an environment that would allow her to get used to other dogs, people and to have all kinds of new experiences away from her home atmosphere.   My husband and I both worked full time and I could not bear the thought of leaving our young puppy in a crate all day long,  I recognized that a doggie day care would not only provide an excellent alternative to leaving Dianna at home alone all day but it would provide a chance for socialization.   I found that an added benefit was that the daycare provided a much-needed physical outlet for Dianna's high-energy and helped ups keep up with her exercise needs, many nights she come home tired, but happy and relaxed, and she is eager to go back in the morning.

I did my homework and started to check the facilities.  I did online research, ask  friends and ask my veterinarian for references, then I discovered Mark and PackPlackK9.   After an initial "interview" between Mark and our dog to determine if her temperament fit well into the program, we decided to join the pack.  I feel like the evaluations were put in place to keep pets in a safe environment and to protect all of the dogs from potentially aggressive encounters. 

A few of the things that really standout at PackPlaceK9:
* Protocols are in place to protect your dog's health. All dogs are required to have proof of vaccination before being allowed on the premises.
* The facility have an emergency plan and will provide your dog with immediate veterinary care 
* The daycare provides structured daily activities and basic obedience commands/training
* Staff-members are pack leader and seem to enjoy the dogs and  show genuine affection to them
* Staff displayed understanding of how dogs communicate and the details between explicit behavioral interactions.  
* Multiple dogs play together under properly supervised
* Mark provides valuable advice to help solve behavior problems that I was experiencing.  

PackPlaceK9 can be your dog's special place where he or she can mix and mingle with other doggy friends and enjoy socialization in a safe setting.  Your dog will go home tired but happy and looking forward to visiting again. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a daycare to give PackPlaceK9 a look!"

Cindi, Owner of Dianna

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