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Reactive Dog Class

So Your Dog Is Reactive!


Reactive is the term coined by dog trainers and owners who own dogs that overreact to certain stimuli. It might be the sight of other dogs, people, kids, loud noises and chaos. The dog’s reaction to these stimuli is usually a bark and lunge type of behavior that scares the pants off both the person or dog being barked at and the person holding the leash. Reactivity may be part of the dogs genetic make up or could be from a lack of social experience or from a particularly scary experience.


Starting May 17th

Class is held every Monday at 6:00-6:45  pm.


This class will be ongoing and new members will be welcome to join as room becomes available.  


Since reactive dog rehabilitation is an individual issue you decide when your goals have been met. Missing a class will not set you behind others in the class as we will constantly discuss our progress and practice exercises designed to help manage and change your dogs reaction to perceived threats.  Think of it as an AA class for dogs!

Goals of the Class:

  • Assess the severity and source of your dog’s reactivity.

  • Set up controlled exercises and real life scenarios

  • Block antisocial stimuli and signaling through the use of Come, Sit and Watch commands

  • Use the Jolly Routine for Conditioning. As you approach your dogs trigger you as leader act Jolly.  

  • Give feedback to a dog that is in a social setting

  • Empower tug toys and kibble as very high value secondary reinforcers

Sessions Package Costs

5 Pack = $150  $30 each

1st evening is free to make sure we are a good fit.

Open to exiting Pack Place Members.  Non-Members must be evaluated prior to attending the class.  

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