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Puppy Socialization

Monday & Wednesday 11-11:45 am

Puppy Socialization 
Every Saturday 11-11:45 am


Puppies Under 5 Months and 25 Lbs. Only! 

Owners wait in the comfort of their own car and can watch on our cameras.

We routinely add well socialized, fully vaccinated dogs of similar size to this group for positive role models.


Early socialization is key to having a calm, confident dog.


The greatest window of learning in a dog’s life starts is from 7 weeks to 20 weeks. This period allows puppies to be exposed to a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells and sensations without becoming fearful.


Because puppies who miss out on these experiences may never learn to be comfortable around unfamiliar things, paving the way for anxiety, fear and aggression later on in life. While socializing puppies takes time and effort, such efforts are well-spent and can be very enjoyable at the same time.


Join us!


Puppies should be done with first round of shots.


Pups 2 - 5 months - Groups are Split by weight- 6-15 lbs and 16-29 Max.

Older or larger pups could attend our day camp program

​ $19.95 per session

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