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Our Training Philosophy-

Understand what behaviors are important to your dog and then learning how to controll those behaviors.   Example: If your dog loves to rip apart his toys, he must stop when asked. 


We apply our "Follow Me" philosophy to training dogs of all breeds and sizes. We want your dog to look to you for decision making. 


Example: You are walking on a neighborhood path and a very excited dog is bearing down on you.  Do you want your dog to make the decision about how to react or look to you for a cue as to how to proceed?


When your dog follows you and does what you ask, you are building a relationship based on trust and respect.  


We do not believe in using any unnecessary force or harsh styles of dog training.  Our natural dog training philosophy and method simply means learning how to encourage and discourage individual actions or behaviors that are natural to the dog -- like sitting, laying down, jumping up, biting, etc.  


Positively encouraging good behavior, and discouraging bad behavior. It's just that simple. We can teach you the proper dog training techniques to accomplish this and we try to make it fun by using a center with doors, stairs, a den, a kitchen, an agility course, and even treadmills!


We Offer Board & Train, Private and Group Lessons-

Call 240-277-2438 to find our more.

Private Training Lessons 

  • We train you and your dog when it fits your schedule.   Day - Evening - Weekends
  • You work on the skills or behaviors the are most important to you.
  • Our Family K9 Communication class is the perfect jump start for getting everyone on the same page!
  • You will even learn to communicate to your dog WITHOUT TALKING!

Together you will find out what is important to your dog and take control! We will look at the environment and situations that are causing you both the most stress. Then we will show you how to communicate with your dog and get FAST lasting results.


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