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Kids and K9 Leadership:

Every Tuesday 4-5 pm

This beginner course is designed for kids 10-16 and dogs over six months old.

1st Class starts 1st Thursday of the month but you can start anytime and 


Let’s teach your child to effectively handle and manage the family pet.

  • Skills Taught: Proper vocal modulation of commands, Proper physical communication when commanding or handling the dog, Obtaining respect from the pet, How to play properly with the pet, Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walking on a loose leash, Diminishing problematic behaviors, such as jumping, nipping, and chasing, Basic pet care responsibilities.

  • Open to children ages 10 to 16, where the dog has received prior training via group class, private instruction, and/or PackCare training, but where the child still needs more intensive instruction to obtain better control and management of the family pet.

  • $25 per session or 5 sessions for $100 


Basic dog training and dog obedience is not only important for your dog, it also teaches children responsibility, strengthens the bond between dog and family and keeps both kids and dog busy. Win-win!

Exercises include :

•Sit • Down• Off• Come/Here • Stay• •Loose Leash Walking

• Agility Handling • Tricks and more.


Emphisis on safety and fun for everyone.  All dogs must pass a personal evaluation prior to start of class. Dogs must be people and dog friendly!

Sessions Package Costs

5 Pack - 175 $35 each

10 Pack - $300 $30 each

Open to exiting Pack Place Members.  Non-Members/Day Camp members must be evaluated prior to attending the class.

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