K9 Communication & Obedience 

Hone the skills you learned in Private K9 Communication Class or you dog learned in Day Camp.

Saturday 10:00-10:45  & Monday 7:00-7:45

FREE for Existing Day Camp Members or Training Clients (Max 6 dogs per session)

This class starts you on the road to better communication with your dog. And this shift can begin in 1 hour!
• Reduce your stress,
• Learn what your dog is trying to communicate with you,
• Learn what your body language might be communicating to him
• How to work on specific problems

• Yes you will learn to walk your dog, and maybe even whisper to him!

• Calmly Meet and Greet Dogs on leash.• Build important rituals into your dogs day. Feeding-Sleeping-Waking-Playing•


Basic Obediance Skills Covered: Loose Leash Walking - Sit -  Stay - Come - No - Up, Off - Door Manners - Stairs etiquette- Agility  

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