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No Boarding Available for weekend of 8/5   

Watch your pup - Text Message Alert : Pack Care Plus day camp members will receive a text message several minutes prior to the start of their dog's Agility/Obedience training.  We have been testing this feature and the feedback has been very positive.  The text will go to the phone on record and will include a link to our training room camera, where you can watch all the fun!


Treadmills : Our basic offering, Pack Care will no longer include the 20 minute treadmill session. All existing purchased packages will continue to get treadmill sessions. This has been a tough decision, due to the time requirements and costs associated with this service, it has been removed from our lowest cost day camp.  You may elect to add a treadmill for a Pack Care Camper for $10. 

Lunch/Break:  We are no longer offering a free lunch service. We have found that many dogs who are not crated on a consistent basis are reluctant to eat in the crate. However puppies under 7 months will have this option free. You may bring or purchase a snack (yummy chew, bully stick or dental chew) for your pups crate time.  We understand mornings can be stressful and sometimes breakfast is missed so please bring your dogs food and we will serve it per your request. No charge. We would much rather work with your dog than see them stress over and waste food.


Boarding:  Membership reduced rates for boarding require an active day camp package and a day camp visit within the last 60 days.  If your pup is not currently attending camp but has passed the New Member Orientation within the last year, you may add day camp for $10 per day. As always, this is at our discretion, based on your dogs behavior.

12623 Wisteria Drive, Germantown, MD, United States


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